Welcome to my

 Global Studies Portfolio


Greetings! Welcome to my website for the Global Studies Program. The goal of the Global Studies Program is to develop active, engaged global citizens. In this Program, I work to understand how my actions and experiences intersect with the world-at-large, and I often use this knowledge to effect positive change by developing skills help me engage with the world around me and improve my critical thinking.



My name is Olivia Laurie and I am a Junior at Watkinson School in Hartford, CT. I joined the Watkinson community when I was in 9th grade and have spent much of the past three years on campus. Before Watkinson, I went to the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts where my brother graduated from a year ago. While I am still very immersed in the arts, I spend most of days now working with my fellow global studies peers and broaden my understanding and curiosity of the world around me.


Note for the viewer: The two background pictures above are pictures I took on my trip to Mount. Washington with my family in the summer of 2020. The trip to the Mountain was one of my favorite road trips that I have been on and it remains as one of my favorite places.